Hi, my name is Michael Lees

I build and renovate homes because I am passionate about creating beautiful and enduring living spaces.   I believe that homes should be striking, seamlessly functional and designed in harmony with the surrounding environment.  I love my job because I have the opportunity to create homes that meet and exceed the dreams and imagination of my clients.  I am inspired by using natural materials and creating homes that are ecologically safe, non-toxic and environmentally responsible.  I enjoy working to bring out the character and beauty of period homes through renovation, which can be challenging, yet extremely rewarding.


My story

After graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) in 1998, I soon realised that sitting at a desk all day was not for me.  I love the outdoors and working creatively with my hands, so I left my desk job behind and pursued a carpentry apprenticeship. I started my apprenticeship intending that I would one day become a professionally  qualified builder.   After spending the early years of my career refining my technical skills as a carpenter and working in a number of different countries around the world, I eventually established my own boutique building company in Melbourne.


Michael Lees Homes

My company specialises in the construction and renovation of bespoke homes in inner Melbourne.  I have developed a strong network across Melbourne of subcontractors, suppliers, architects and designers, whose expertise I trust and value.  My focus is always on establishing an open, transparent and fun working relationship with my clients.  I am a “hands on” builder who is on site every day, working and closely supervising throughout each building project. I am an accredited Master Builders Green Living Builder and am committed to the use of sustainable building materials, energy conservation and reducing landfill waste.

Mike Lees Melbourne Builder
Master Builders Association Member